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Track Name: Theothanatology
Torrid expanses, paper thin facias

incalculable angles of aeons in grace

numerical assembly, pythagorean

with minds consequential

palatable thoughts rehearsed, a ritual

Logos, woven vowels and cobweb syntax,

abandoned limbs once dead now dextrous

with every new thought, another truss

render him immobile, with splintered skin

a demiurge held within

uttered yearnings plague the monad

fever dreams inspire and fashion,

a deluge falls, the levies break,

An accelerant,

yet from the cutting dark

expelled out his eyes and watched

we scrawled on walls, wrought in ink

with every syllable a parable

of his undoing and unmaking

Yaldabaoth scream your dissent!

you conjured up your semblance

you play havoc in the chaos

always in spite of us

we stake claims in nullity

pioneers in perception

frontiers of causality

one among pleroma

we prescribe salvation

we are salvation

we are salvation
Track Name: Sophia
light bloodied, ephemeral

natures glower impenetrable

material seams stitched imperfect

lithe hands do pick apart

We will make good this transgress

We will undo this wrong

the embolus breached,

spat curdled dark in which he toils

oh so he shudders and breathes,

gluttonous and fat on our pleas

We were curious,

with questions unformed

entreated our concern

to the loneliest god

and now we renege

in hopeless retreat

for the words were served up

we allowed him to speak

many splendid stars like buoys,

measure his hands breadth

as he strains, struggles, succeeds

nimble these digits do claw

"Art as the single superior

counterforce against all will to

negation of life, art as the anti christian

anti buddhist, anti nihilist par excellence"
Track Name: Against Heresies
the dull ache of uncertainty

tender sores become calloused

we are making armour from within

we are making better skin

a challenge to sanctity

minds should not be chaste

composing armaments

decimal battalions

the cardinal number

losing his place

organic machines

movements wrought in bone

organ pendulums

sinew springs remain taught

we are making better skin
Track Name: This Island Earth
These shallows offer safety

we see the bed beneath us,

we stay close to the shore

this island earth, a haven

amidst the direful dark

a few have waded out

the current taking hold

holding life lines in cautiousness

many have fallen foul

the carious root mass imbedded deep

the black does rifle flesh so venomous

filling voids with meaningless

three hundred billion years of restlessness

incremental steps have blessed us with

these battements now proffered up

we cannot back down or give it up