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Torrid expanses, paper thin facias

incalculable angles of aeons in grace

numerical assembly, pythagorean

with minds consequential

palatable thoughts rehearsed, a ritual

Logos, woven vowels and cobweb syntax,

abandoned limbs once dead now dextrous

with every new thought, another truss

render him immobile, with splintered skin

a demiurge held within

uttered yearnings plague the monad

fever dreams inspire and fashion,

a deluge falls, the levies break,

An accelerant,

yet from the cutting dark

expelled out his eyes and watched

we scrawled on walls, wrought in ink

with every syllable a parable

of his undoing and unmaking

Yaldabaoth scream your dissent!

you conjured up your semblance

you play havoc in the chaos

always in spite of us

we stake claims in nullity

pioneers in perception

frontiers of causality

one among pleroma

we prescribe salvation

we are salvation

we are salvation


from Theothanatology, track released February 18, 2013



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